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Windows 7 ISO Free download 32 Bit /64 Bit Bootable Os

Download Windows 7 free ISO images for your Pc/Laptop 32 Bit and 64 Bit Os type  these are Windows 7 direct download links.Here are the Direct Download links of Windows 7 Iso From Official Microsoft servers , You can get full secure Windows 7 Os.

Windows 7 is the most popular Operating systems installed by by billions of Pc/laptop users , we know that this Os is developed by Microsoft.

Though the Microsoft released the latest versions of windows 10 and windows 8 , the Majority of the users are using only the windows 7 only and many windows 7 OS lovers are downgrading their versions to the windows 7. So if you want speed and optimize the Pc for faster access you should download and install Windows 7.

It has just been made official the first service pack (Service Pack) for Windows 7. The download is available via Windows Update or through an executable installer. Microsoft suggests that home users and / or with a single PC using the Update, while business users with multiple machines utilizing the download from Microsoft.

Briefly, the Windows 7 Service Pack brings bug fixes, security updates and many improvements for the user. Therefore, we highly recommend installing the package, specifically for those who want to keep your computer current and technical support. It is also suitable for those who need to update the system and lost the latest packages for this.

Recommendations should follow before & after Windows 7 installation

Below are the recommendations should be taken before and after installing the windows 7 Os.

  • Back up data and files: You should backup your data and files that are resides on the Main drive (Os drive) because after installation of windows 7 all the data is erased.
  •  if you are installing the Windows 7 as the secondary os or if you making windows 7 as dual boot you should turn off the antivirus .During installation, it is recommended to disable antivirus software, because they may interfere;
  • This windows 7 Installation is not just a “exe” File  like other software , you can download Windows 7 Iso  and you should write this in to a DVD  as Windows 7 bootable DVD using any Iso to Dvd burning software , later you can install this using your PC/Laptop Dvd drive or you can also install Windows 7 by creating windows 7 Bootable USB drive .
  • Update drivers installed devices so that they are compatible with the Windows , By default Windows 7 included both audio drivers and video drivers , lan drivers . But it is required step to updated or install the mother board drivers to get installed all drivers properly.
  • Install a Best  Antivirus for windows 7 and  Ensure that your antivirus is up to date and search the system for viruses.

Windows 7 Features

I think there is no need to introduce the Windows 7 Features newly , many are using this Os in thier Pcs.

  • Speed: The first and best features should be noticed  in  Windows 7 is speed , the speed and access of application is very faster as compare to the previous versions.
  • Compatibility: it compatible with almost all software applications
  • Low Hardware requirement: It requires low hardware and works without any  lags  and slow.
  • Visuals and Display: This is the one of the best feature I noticed in windows 7 , the visuals and graphics are upto the benchmark .

Here is the detailed feaures of Windows 7 from Microsoft official website .

Windows 7 Free Download for 32 Bit and 64 Bit Os

If you are searching for how to download Windows 7 32 Bit and 64 Bit Os for free . Then below are the direct download links of windows 7 Iso 32 Bit and 64 Bit . This Includes the WIndows 7 Official Untouched Iso with SP1( Service pack 1 ) update.

Free Windows 7 download for 32 Bit Os  [X86]

Free Windows 7 download for 64 Bit Os [X64]


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