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An older version

Note: this is an older version of Adobe Photoshop, to enjoy all the features register a license of Adobe Photoshop latest version

The good part is that in this old version PS 6 you can do all the editing stuff with layers.

You hear the word Adobe, what comes to your mind is a document reader. It is one document version which has many applications to cater for various needs. In this version, it comes in handy to manage all manner of photos of various image file formats. It is an application. with a touch of graphical features which is popular for the visual effects available in the market.

It is a subscribed version but you can opt for a free trial to give you a trial period of what it all contains. Some of the functions include touch-ups, installation of plugin for third-party affiliation features. You can always manipulate photos at will to suit various functions of the image editing suites.

Always install the higher version ad run regular updates to get the latest specification which is better in terms of performance. Other actions include layer adjustment, palette tabbed browsing and also support of multiple layers within the interface.

Just in case you are not sure of what is expected when you can opt for the help function to give you guidance on what is required of you. The basic editing function within the toolkit also comes in handy to help you juggle and try various functions with no permanent mark.

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