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CCEnhancer Free Download

CCEnhancer latest version offline installer download ,  CCEnhancer means CCleaner, designed by clean your system and also optimize the Windows Operating systems. This CCEnhancer available all version like Windows 10, 7, 8 and also XP and Vista, and Windows Operating Systems advance-sly. This Software System lightweight portable application so you can download used below like.

CCEnhancer Overview

CCEnhancer Free download is a free utility that extends the capabilities of the popular CCleaner program , designed to clean your computer and optimize the Windows operating system. CCEnhancer adds new system cleaning options to CKliner, which makes CCleaner an even more reliable and efficient tool. CCEnhancer download is the advances and most useful cleaner Software. This use easily clean your computers and also laptops, it is lightweight portable application so use easily. long list of utilities also ,clean very easily this software, portable piece of software. 

CCEnhancer offline installer download features

CCEnhancer software system one of the best it’s give the best features

  • Using this software it’s provide the more safety and also speed of systems.
  • it is portable application software so you can use easily and long list of files also clean very fast.
  • Most important aspect to mention the application doesn’t effect windows functionality by updating the registry, furthermore leftover are not kept by the hard disk after removing the programming.
  • CCEnhancer includes multilingual support and seamlessly integrates into CCleaner, without causing any stability issues.
  • it takes the cleaning long time but than usual to load all supported application, which is normally.
  • CCEnhancer to update automatically on Windows startup, as well as delete custom rules.
  • CCEnhancer possibility of moving  the USB flash drives or smaller storage units, from where you can run any computer with an active internet connection and  CCleaner pre-installed.
  • finally CCEnhancer System Software Using very usefully.

CCEnhaner Faq:

Does it work together with lightweight CCleaner?
Anyone can manually specify the path so that you can free download the customized definitions with all the “Install regarding their portable CCleaner” menu option. Alternatively, when you place CCEnhancer as part of the same folder as CCleaner.exe, the appropriate path should be detected.

What will an asterisk (*) next to an entry mean?
This indicates that the entry may be not really natively combined with CCleaner, however has instead been added by CCEnhancer.

Can I use CCEnhancer with other my own customized winapp2.ini entries?
Yes! Go so that you can Configurations -> Customized Entries in addition to their upload up your customized entries listed here. They are able to automatically be merged using the downloaded winapp2.ini file each and every time the file may be updated.

Should be in a position to I configure CCEnhancers proxy settings when downloading?
Automatically, the software functions the device standard proxy settings when updating the definitions.

Where will be able to I manually free download the definition file?

Have been CCEnhancer approved by Piriform?
No, CCEnhancer can be not endorsed, approved nor affiliated with all Piriform, the makers of CCleaner.

Could CCEnhancer damage my pc?
Lots of other computer software programs have the ability so that you can cause unwanted changes within your computer. CCEnhancer plays such a easy task that the have been highly unlikely that this any negative side effects could occur. That said; the removing rules CCEnhancer provides in order to CCleaner could remove files whom you wish to keep. Always ensure you check what exactly should be deleted.

Have been CCEnhancer free for commercial use?
CCEnhancer is entirely free for any individual for use undoubtedly they like.

How do I remove CCEnhancer?
Anyone don’t. CCEnhancer is the lightweight applications and their doesn’t set up anything and everything onto your pc, just delete the .exe. In order to remove the the customized rules without difficulty make use of the “Delete Custom Rules” menu button under “Functions” within the CCEnhancer user interface. In case you have deleted the software program however not the rules, navigate to where CCleaner can also be installed and delete the file referred to as “winapp2.ini.”


CCEnhancer Free download for Windows

click the below button the CCEnhancer Free download links. This is completely Offline Installer Download and standalone setup for CCEnhancer. this would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows.

Download CCEnchancer for windows 

Download CCEnchancer portable 

Download CCEnchancer  English version only


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