DuckCapture 2021 Will take screenshots

DuckCapture 2021 Will take screenshots

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DuckCapture Full version Download for Windows 10/ Windows 8 /Windows 7

Will take screenshots DuckCapture is a screen capture utility which takes a screenshot and performs edit functions with a touch of geometric concepts on the output image.

The application allows you to take different screenshots of either the entire screen or a specific region.

The tool further allows basic edit function like add, edit, delete, undo, redo, copy and paste among others and on top of that it supports geometric components which include drawing and annotations of different shapes like square, circle, rectangle, oval all-inclusive on the interface.

You also can apply the visual effects like color, shadow effects, borders and frames among others.

Once you complete the edit function you can save the image on your preferred storage location or even send it online on different social media platforms.

The file formats it supports include bmp, PNG or JPEG.NBS; More advanced feature on the interface is the ability of the tool to save the cursor positioning or even hide the cursor from the snapshots.

The interface also has a scheduler to take the snapshots at specific intervals which the tool allows you to PRE- program the time intervals.

While saving, the interface allows you to create folders and sub folders for easy file management.DuckCapture is licensed as freeware for windows 32 bit and 64-bit operating system without restrictions.

It is in screen capture category and is available to all software users as a free download.

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