Google Drive for Desktop (Google Backup and Sync) Offline Installer Download


Download Google drive offline installer which is a desktop application used to sync the files and folder to the Google Free cloud space. here I am giving Google drive full version of the Offline Installer. It is also called Google Backup and Sync to synchronize the Files an folders from Local system to the Google Cloud.

Google drive Google Backup and Sync Offline Installer

Google Drive Overview

Google Drive Desktop Application is a Software program offered by Google, anyone can easily upload all your current valuable and private file and files within the Google Drive Application through the Google Drive Cloud. Therefore which anyone might accessibility the files offline and modify any files if necessary which are hosted on the free cloud storage of the Google. 15GB totally free space is a given by Google Drive to maintain whatever you desire to. If you will need more spaces, its paid edition offers anyone space about 16TB.


Download Google Drive Free download for the desktop to sync and upload all of your important data to the cloud and access anywhere.

By default, all your google apps like Google Docs, Google Excel sheets, Google powerpoint files all are saved in the free Google Drive online cloud storage. you can also upload files and folders manually through the browser after login to your Google Drive Account.

Google Drive Features

Below are the latest features of Google Drive

  • Google Drive for desktop computer Application enables anyone to store any file format file. As well as your file could be sound, online video, music, document or another file.
  • Every one of the files, that are placed within your Google Drive, anyone can easily accessibility people files anyplace through any gadget via the Google Drive Desktop Application.
  • It the free Google Backup offered by Google to save all of your files and folders or office work in the Free drive.
  • Download Google Drive for the desktop to sync you are all of your Android Mobiles data Backup and another type of Mobile applications data in the same Free Cloud drive.
  • The Free software version of in Google Drive Application offers anyone space about 15 GB.
  • You can also Google drive app files Google docs in the same place. 
  • The Google Drive Application offers anyone synchronization and back-up within your files.
  • Google Drive Desktop Application offers the facility to easily share any file or file with any various other customers.
  • Anyone can easily scan any within your files for Mobile phone, then the document will store as PDF file format.



Google Drive Desktop Application (Google Backup and Sync) Vs Google Drive Website

Google Drive Desktop Application or Google Backup and Sync is an Application such as DropBox, pcloud , Microsoft Onedrive or another storage space application, which syncs all your current files using your Google Drive Website. The file is made regarding your current Program that includes all of your files and what changes anyone manufactured in Google Drive Website, the changes will auto connect into the files within the Google Drive Desktop Application.

You can edit the Google Docs online in Google Drive online web application drive, but in case of Desktop application, the all the files and modified files are automatically uploaded to Google drive.


Within the Google Drive Website, anyone can’t modify all your current files as every standalone software program for modifying functions aren’t accessible online. and also to utilize Google Drive Website, you have to have Web accessibility all time. that’s also not really possible every one of the time.


In Google Drive Desktop Application, the types or revisions associated with a file or file aren’t accessible, however, in Google Drive Website, you could have each and every revision for each and every file and file. as well as files we removed through our Google Drive Desktop Application, obtain removed however when we remove any file in Google Drive Website, the all removed files are still within the Trash file, in case you desire to recover any file back, anyone can easily.


Google Drive Desktop Application vs Google Drive For Desktop Application

Please observe that Google is a discontinuing Google Drive application very soon. Instead, it can be introducing Google Drive File Stream application that is almost exactly the same however will not really function selected file connect. The application might be better during bandwidth and space control however absolutely less featureful as compared to Google Drive Desktop application.

Anyone might free download Latest Google Drive application within this article.

Google Drive File Sync of Local System to Google Drive

Download Google Drive Desktop Application offline installer download For Mac and Windows


Here is the both Google drive Web installer and Google Drive Desktop Offline Installer download.  Offline Installer comes with a full setup of the Google Drive Desktop application whereas the Google drive Web installer is the small file and needs to connect to the Internet to complete all supported files and to install it on PC.

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Google Backup and Sync  or Google drive Web Installer 


Google Backup and Sync  or Google drive Web Installer  [for both 32 BIt and 64 Bit]


Download Google Backup and Sync or Google drive for Mac



How to install Google Drive and Sync Local files to the Google Cloud

Download Google Drive for Desktop The installation of Google Drive is pretty easy and you can upload all the files and folders to the Google Drive instantly and you can  upload all of your Mobile data like camera photos and files and folders

Free download the Google Drive Application through below Free offline installer link.

Then the installer will open which installs the Google Drive within your Program.

After the very few seconds, the set up will complete. As well as Google Drive will set up regarding your current Program. Go to begin Menu and open Google Drive, then the window will be seen which asks anyone to Sign In in your Google Account to begin by using Google Drive. Click “Sign In Now”.

Enter your current ID and Password to log-in within your Account.

Then you can observe the file will show up in your current Customers file because of the name in Google Drive. You can maintain all of your files within this file to maintain your current files. Click Close to proceed further.

In case you desire to easily share any within your File in your friend or another contact, go to Google Drive file, and right-click the file you desire to easily share and click “Share”.

And now anyone is done, go towards the Customers, there anyone will start to see the file in Google Drive. All of your files will connect in your Laptop or computer through Google Drive Cloud therefore which is simple to access the files.

Google Drive Free offline installer Link
Free download Google Drive through listed here

Therefore free download the Google Drive Desktop Application through Free offline installer Link and set up the Application regarding your current Program without having the world wide web connectivity. And begin securing your current files through any danger in losing your current valuable files because you will have synchronization of every file and file with Google Drive Cloud regarding your current Program by using Google Drive Desktop Application. Thank you