How to delete un-deleted files and folders from windows 10 , 8 ,7

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This the tutorial to delete the undeted files from the windows pc , using this tutorial you can delete shortcut virus, ,

Unlocker – A windows tool to delete undeleted files and folders

Maybe you have experienced situations where required to open or delete a file or folder but was prevented due to system crashes. Such things happen for various reasons, ranging from lack of administrator authorization to the fact that it is open in another account linked to the same computer.  you can also delete the undeleted file with windows command mode , but most of the times it doesnot work . I used the both methods  to delete the files and folder which are wont deleted from with delete option. but this method works like charm and very easy . Using unlocker you can also delete un-deleted or difficult to delete virus from the pendrive. 

Unlocker Free Full Download
With applications with Unlocker, solving this issue is easily solved. With a few clicks that you can do with the files are unlocked and are completely accessible. Before you start using the software, you have to carry out some procedures at the facility. this software is worked in all version of the windows that is windows 7 , windows 8 , windows 10.

After download unlocker and install the application you should becarefull by choosing the options , otherwise it install the unwanted browser tools and search tools . The first is to choose “Advanced” at the time of installation by deselecting the “Install Delta Toolbar” option – otherwise, a toolbar will be set up in their browsers. Soon then click “Next” and accept the installation of two additional items to Unlocker. One is on the automatic updates and the other is adding software to the context menu.

Unlocker Free Download To Delete Files And Folders

How to use Unlocker tool for deleting the un-deleted files and folders

Now the program installed on your computer whenever you find a locked file, you will need to perform a quick procedure.

when you tried to delete the file or folder then it will shows like this

Cannot Delete Problems On Windows

it shows the following message

you need permission to perform this action
you require permission from ***** to make changes to  this file

Solution for deleting the cannot deleted files and folders

Right click on the file or folder that you need to delete and select unlocker


Download Unlocker To Delete File And Folders That Cant Delete
Easy and Free tool for Files or Folders “Cannot Delete” Problems on Windows 10

Unlocker  available options

When the file is not locked, the application also enables you to choose among some other actions. Including deleting, renaming and moving documents with other folders. All the same interface shown by the context menu.

Unlocker is a software that promises to unlock any file that’s prevented from being changed or opened. It really works in a very simple way, it is entirely based on the Windows context menu. For this reason, there is no interface for the software, however that does not deny the quality of it.

Within a few moments, you are able to perform all actions associated with the software. But to say that the use of it is not as simple as the installation demand median knowledge and operation of it can cause some problems if done carelessly.
No More “Cannot Delete” or “Access Denied” Problems
With IObit Unlocker, you will not be annoyed any more by messages like “Cannot delete file”, “Access is denied”, “undeleted files”, “The file is in use by another program or user”, or “There has been a sharing violation!” It is a powerful tool designed to fix such kinds of problems, by terminating all related processes that stop you from deleting or accessing files / folders you need to. I got many times this error “can’t delete folder windows 7 could not find this item” and  you can solve the deleting errors with this software.

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    “IObit Unlocker is definitely a light-weighted yet powerful tool built to fix the ‘Cannot Delete’ or ‘Access Denied’ problems.”

“IObit Unlocker is really a light-weighted yet effective tool created to fix the ‘Cannot Delete‘ or ‘Access Denied‘ problems. It may ‘Force’ terminate all related processes that stop you from deleting or accessing files / folders you need to.”

Unlocker Is the disk Guaranteed Data Safety and Disk Stability?

With its multi-functions, such as “Unlock & Delete”, “Unlock & Rename”, “Unlock & Move”, and “Unlock & Copy”, IObit Unlocker gives you a safe way to change the files and folders on your PC to make sure your computer data safety and disk stability.

Download Unlocker for windows  to delete the un-deleted files

Unlocker is the best tool to used for deleting the undeleted files and folders from the windows 7 , windows 8, widnows 10 pc . It has many pro features but ulocker is available for free of cost .

Download the Unlocker a windows free utility tool used for the deleting the undeleted files from the Windows Pc.  it is the unlocker free full download you can use it for free of cost .

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