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Immunet free download  is the malware  antivirus safety program. It includes real-time cloud-based safety which is always up-to-date towards malware.This software protects your laptop or computer through viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, along with keyloggers without having slowing down your computer.

Immunet Anti virus is a malware and antivirus protection system that utilizes cloud computing to provide enhanced community-based security. Join the Immunet Community today and help make the internet safer for everyone

Immunet offline installer overview

Immunet free download is actually suitable for existing antivirus items to help you defend anyone better. Include an extra, easily portable layer in safety without cost.The actual Collective Immunity technology protects all customers the actual instant which the virus is actually detected regarding one Computer.

Free Direct Immunet Download

Include people to your Immunet Community to help you make the internet the safer place for socializing, shopping along with production.

This software is actually suitable for consumers who would like quick safety which doesn’t slow down their Computer, which includes students, families, along with netbook customers.

Immunet direct download is designed to bring an extra layer of protection to your computer by trying to detect potential threats alongside your permanent antivirus solution.The main characteristic of this cloud-based security tool is that it relies heavily on the Immunet Community, which gains new members every day.

Immunet Offline Installer Download

The interface is well-organized and comprises three columns that allow you to access the Immunet Community (displays the local community graph and notices), view the protection summary and access the product settings. The ‘Computer’ column is where you can view the activity summary, access the quarantine section and start a new scan.

There are three scanning options that you can choose from. The ‘Flash Scan’ only verifies the running processes, while selecting ‘Full Scan’ checks the entire computer for potential threats. You can also scan user-defined locations using the ‘Custom Scan’ option.

The application is based on three detection engines, ETHOS, SPERO and ClamAV, designed to provide you with real-time protection. If any possible malicious or suspicious running process, applications or files are identified, it automatically moves them to the Quarantine section, but you can also set it to prompt you for action.

Immunet Offline Standalone Installer Download
Immunet offline installer features

  • Quick, Real-time Online Safety because of the Immunet Cloud
  • Community-level Safety
  • Fundamental Detection along with Removal in bots, viruses, worms, trojans, keyloggers, along with spyware.
  • Fundamental Network Scanning which includes Quick Scan, On-Demand Scan, along with On-
  • Access Scan
  • Document Control along with Safety. Scan Personal Data, Exclude Data, Scan Compressed Data,
  • Quarantine Virus effected Data
  • Clear documentation by using History along with Report Logging
  • Community Forums
  • Suitable for existing antivirus software program to get an extra layer in safety.

Free download Immunet offline installer 

Download the latest version of  Immunet offline installer  for your  pc.This software protects your laptop or computer through viruses, spyware, bots, worms, trojans, along with keyloggers without having slowing down your computer.