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Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 Free download is the Best Antivirus ,Anti spyware software for  windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 for both 32 Bit and 64 Bit Os type. Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 Antivirus and Anti spyware developed by Microsoft . Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 full Offline Installer download or Standalone setup which is a Full Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 Direct download link , So that you can install the Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 software even when you are offline.

Microsoft Windows Defender Virus Cleaner Tool scans your hard drive and memory for viruses and removes them automatically when an infection. Be recognized about 25 of the most common and dangerous viruses and their variants.

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Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 Overview

Windows Defender (formerly Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware) is a tool from Microsoft that allows you to increase the security of your computer. The program scans your computer for spyware (spyware to spy on your personal data), browser hijackers (dangerous Internet Explorer plug-ins) and Trojans and removes them automatically. You have the option of performing a quick scan of the most important system directories Quick and files or a complete test of the calculator.

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The program works not only extremely fast, but also extremely thoroughly. It also work with other antivirus  with Norton AntiVirus, Firewall and Ad-Aware protected computer Microsoft AntiSpyware  protects from all types of Trojans, spyware programs and components with a quick scan. Files and programs can be found automatically delete quarantine but also ignore. Currently Windows Defender detects approximately 250,000 malicious programs and components and exceeds similar programs already in the beta significantly.

Microsoft Windows Defender Free Download

With the automatic “definitions update” these are protected against future threats. The “Real-Time Protection” protects its registry and prevents malicious programs can ever settle on the computer. With the “Tracks Eraser” to delete the most important data sources of espionage programs like BSW. IE history, list of recently opened files, etc.

Note: Before installing you need to check your Windows operating system on a valid license number blank (Windows Genuine download).

Microsoft Windows Defender Offline Installer Download

Make sure Windows Defender is actually working for you.

Just ask Cortana or type “Windows Defender” within the process bar search box. In case you see a “PC status: Protected” message, you’re good to go.

If Windows Defender is actually turned off, uninstall various other antivirus solutions and check again. Windows 10 will allow Windows Defender immediately.

Windows Defender free offline Installer download

Here are the Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 direct download links for windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 . This is full setup of Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 Offline installer download and standalone setup installer. Using this setup file, you can install the Full version of Microsoft Windows Defender 1.1 Antivirus software in to your pc in offline mode also ( it does not require Internet connection) .

Microsoft Windows Defender online Installers

Windows Defender offline Installer download  64 bit version

Windows Defender offline Installer download  32 bit version

Microsoft Windows Defender Definition Updates for  2017  [Full setup download links]