Prehistorik 2 (DOS – 1993) 2020 Free Download

The caveman explores the World

Prehistorik 2 (DOS – 1993) 2020 Free Download
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You are the character in an old age where there may be not very much civilization. You’ll have the preview with the map and also you must discover the software to collect all kind of items and reveal treasures.

Anyone will fight with various animals and can jump more than various obstacles.

You are the caveman in an old age.

Theprehistoric age is a before the invention of writing. Anyone will walk on various roads and may climb on mountains or big stones.

The best way to play press Enter to skip screen / resume use arrows to transfer use Up arrow to jump use Backspace orCtrl to hitRead this: The best way to Set up and Play Old DOS Games

Download Prehistorik 2 (DOS - 1993)

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