ShellMenuView 2021 Free Download

Handle and remove items through right click context manu

ShellMenuView 2021 Free Download
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ShellMenuView Full version Download for Windows 10/ Windows 8 /Windows 7

download shellmenuview full setup Different software will set up their entries within the right-click menu within your mouse.

In case you have too several entries, identical ones or if you need to exhibit fewer items, use this very small application.

The microsoft windows explorer context menu or right-click menu is a menu that seems when youright-clickon the desktop computer or even a file or folder in Microsoft windows.

Download ShellMenuView Full setup is the very lightweight free software program that shows anyone every one of the features that may be discovered within the Microsoft Windows Explorer context menu and enables you to disable the ones anyone has no use for.

Like most lightweight software program, it will not really will need to set up.

Just download free the executable file, save the software in your hard disk or any USB drive and run the software.

App additionally will not really make use of the system windows registry or leave junks behind after being erased.

After launching, program displays every one of the features within the Microsoft Windows Explorer context menu in addition to their guidance, which include the name, menu type, file type, type description, expansion and a lot more.

To disable any item on the context menu, all you must do is a choose every one of the items relating to the application, right-click on certainly one of them and select ‘disable selected items‘ through the menu.

Overall, app will come extremely useful for browsing and disabling all static context menu entries.

Download ShellMenuView

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