How to show Icons on Desktop : Desktop Icons are missing in windows 10


How to restore back the Desktop Icons in windows 10

After installing the Windows 10 , I am working with my Pc , Suddenly my Icons are disappeared after making changes to display settings. I Googled for the solution to How to show Missing Desktop Icons in Windows 10 and how to  restored the missing Icons on my desktop ,finally I found the simple solution for the restoring the Missing Icons on windows 10.

Windows 10 Desktop Icons are missing

Windows 10 is excellent Operating system after windows 7 I very much impressed after working with windows 10 completely. It has many advance features for the tech users .I tried windows 10 by downloading windows 10  free version, it is very awesome and I suggest to use the windows 10 , i t is really very fantastic Os from Microsoft. Now I am going to explain how restore missing icons on windows 10 desktop .

How the Windows 10 Desktop Icons are disappeared?

Missing Desktop Icons in windows 10

After installing  the Windows 10 for the first time in my pc, while I am working  and adjusting the  display setting in Windows 10 , I change the background image of the desktop, then I notice that the desktop Icons are missed. I created new folders for viewing the new folders but no use , after searching for the “Windows Desktop Icons missing in windows 10 ” and  ” How to enable Windows 10 desktop Icons ” Then I got simple solution.

How to (Fix) enable the Desktop Icons in Windows 10?

The restoring process is very simple . follow the below process to restore icons on desktop.


Step1: Right click on the Desktop of windows 10

How to display desktop icons disappeared windows 10

Step2: Click on the Show desktop Icons option

How to show desktop icons disappeared windows 10

Step3: Simple the Icons are appeared on the desktop now you can see the How Icons  are restore back in Desktop of windows 10

Solution for Missing Desktop Icons in windows 10 restore back


In the same way you can enable back the Missing desktop Icons in the windows 7, and Windows 8 also .