Smartgit download for MAC

Smartgit Free Download

smartgit  is a best suitable software for  MAC.Smartgit is the most popular application on the market for  editing all images in different is the best editing tool dmg  for MAC os.

Smartgit Free Download

Smartgit for MAC overview

SmartGit is a powerful and versatile multi-platform Git client created to help you keep a close eye on source repositories manageable using GitHub, Mercurial and SVN.

Comprehensive and streamlined Mercurial and Git management utility

What is more, SmartGit does not required the use or installation of additional tools thanks to the built-in SSH client, File Merge and Compare tool. The features list allows you to quickly modify commits before pushing, commit individual lines within your files and even recover lost commits with ease

Moreover, you can clone from Assembla, GitHub and other popular hosting providers in addition to creating and resolving GitHub pull requests and review commeof Smartgit free download for MAC os.

Smartgit  features

Below are the some noticeable features for Smartgit free downloading for MAC

As a result, you no longer have to rely on developers to merge fixes or new features, you can now send a Pull Request to the system integrator, which will fetch the pull request commits, review them and merge or reject the pull request. Additionally, the Comments feature allows you to quickly add comments to lines of committed files.

Smartgit Download For MAC Latest Version Download

Increased security for repository connections and a handy built-in log feature

SmartGit features support for 2-factor authentication for connections to the GitHub servers and uses API tokens instead of passwords. In other words, you only need to share your GitHub account password with SmartGit only once.

The Log also comes with built-in support for pull and push and helps you to visually identify unpushed commits thanks to the used color-coded system. Commands like “move the head, “move arbitrary refs”, “reset current branch” and “cherry-pick or rebase a commit range” can be quickly performed with drag-and-drop

Smartgit Full Version Free Download

Smartgit free download for MAC os

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