Stellarium for Mac Watch the sky and stars in realistic 3D

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Watch the sky and stars in realistic 3D

One universal fact is that everyone is fascinated with the sky. However, the time when people can only get a glimpse of the planetary bodies, they watch space documentaries or space movies is in the past. With this application, the computer user can have a first-hand experience of planetary bodies as if they were peeping into a NASA giant binocular. All the user needs to do is to set the coordinates and the program swings to action showing realistic 3D images of the sky.

Stars, planets and their satellites

It gives the user access to over 500,000 stars, it contains a catalog of over 200 million stars. Besides its extensive database of planetary bodies, the program also provides the user with various utilities to get the best experience from using the application. Features of the app include a powerful zoom utility, telescopic control, time control. Extensive keyboard control, spherical mirror projection, and many more.

The user can also experience simulations such as a twinkling star, shooting star, eclipse, supernova, and many more. If you want to take a realistic glimpse at space, this app is the right resource for you.

Stellarium for Mac is licensed as freeware for Mac OS operating system without restrictions. It is in hobbies category and is available to all software users as a free download.

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