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The internet technology has come a long way from serving as a platform to share plain text document and emails to support various types of rich media and then the Voice Over IP technology that allows users to make real-time voice communications over an IP network. This is one of the applications that upscaled the VoIP standards though novel features which many other applications emulate today. This program is one of the best options for VoIP on a Mac.

The application provides the user with surround sound positioning and other unique sound effects. The best part is the flexibility of configuration which can be done per user, per channel or per server. Every user can customize the sound output that comes from other users of the platform. Besides the quality of the sound output, the user also has the freedom to customize the user interface of the application with the ability to turn on and off various sections of the user interface and change the icons and toolbars as the need require.

Moreover, the production of one of the best sounds in the industry, the app uses very low system resources which allows the computer user to multitask effectively while using this program.

Ventrilo Client for Mac is licensed as freeware for Mac OS operating system without restrictions. It is in instant messaging category and is available to all software users as a free download.

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