What are Offline Installers, Advantages

Usually, offline installers or standalone installers come with the full setup of software program data to set up the software program in your Systems ( computer or laptops) without having web connections. I will explain the application using an example.

Meaning in Offline or stand-alone installers

The software setup files are classified into two types

  1. Web installer or online Installer
  2. Offline Installer download 

Web Installer download :

Web Installer or Online Installer is the small launcher setup file typically in KBs of data which need the Internet connection to install the software into the PC.  Can you notice any time while installing a few software program (such as .Net frameworks) first a tiny file ( mostly exe file for Windows download) is a downloaded (in KBs) then simply clicking which smaller file the application commenced the installing procedure to free download the necessary recognized data, which means a tiny launcher file is a downloaded first then the application will be linked to the web and downloaded every one of the necessary files and data to operate software program finely. this method is a known as online set up which can be done with Web installer.

Web Installer connects to the internet to download and install software

Online set up you usually only download the “launcher” software which pulls data off the network as needed and installs the application.
Within this procedure, your current Computer must be linked to the Internet to download the total full software program and then the launcher program starts the Installation process.

Web installer Dis-Advantages:

  • in this case, you download the associated software data into your PC or laptop which cannot be transferred to other systems.
  • Without Internet connection, you cant download or install the software.
  • if you want to install the same software in another system then you must again download the file in the new System ( for example you installed the software and you might install the same software into the laptop).
  • Time-consuming process.

What are Offline Installers or Standalone Installers?

offline Installers or standalone installers or Full setup of software programs are the setup files that downloaded the full package of a software program that doesn’t need the internet connection to install.in this site offline Installer download we compile all most all software as offline Installers or full setup of software, which are collected from official developer sites, so they are completely virus free.


What are offline Installers Meaning of Offline Installers

Offline Installer downloads:

Offline installers Download as its name implies it can be install when the pc is in the offline mode or without an internet connection. So it comes with the full package of the software application, which means it can be the full software program document (.exe or msi) that contain every one of the recognized data packed into the single file also it would set up the whole entire software program without having to connect to the internet these kinds kind of installers are known as the offline installers or standalone installers.

let us discuss the exact advantage of the Offline Installer download with an example


for example, they are 200 pcs in the College lab and you need to install Microsoft .NET Framework, Google Chrome, Skype, Photoshop in all Systems. assume that the total size of all the software is 800mb.

if you install the example software in all pcs with the help of Web installers then the size will be

800 Mb * 200 PC = 160,000 Mb it means 156.25 Gb is the total bandwidth consumed 

if you install the example software in all pcs with the help of Offline installers then the size will be

800 Mb 1-time full download and  you can install the full setup file in all Systems

So in the case of Online Installers, you need to install the software in each system by connecting to the internet and the setup files all required files from internet 200 times.

But if you download offline installer you simply download once and copy same files to all 200 pcs an install the software.

you saved 155Gb of data by using the Offline Installer.

Offline Installers or standalone installers Advantages

  • Download once and install Many times
  • It does need the Internet connection while installing the software.
  • It saves the bandwidth greatly
  • sharing is easy, you can distribute with others in the conditions poor internet connectivity.

So there are many advantages of Offline Installers download, https://www.offlineinstallerdownload.com   we collect all type of offline Installer downloads and stand-alone Installers in one place.