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DVB Dream Software to watch TV

Software to watch TV If you love watching TV offline then this is a tool for you. It is an application that comes in handy to make sure that you can still watch TV even if you do not have…
Pidgin Manage multiple messengers

Manage multiple messengers The era os social media communication has seen the emergence of many social networking sites pidgin included. This is a simple yet pow full application which supports text messaging and voice calls in a better platform. IF… 1
BitTorrent Turbo Accelerator Improve the speed of file sharing

Improve the speed of file sharing This is the time you need a tool that will accelerate the download speeds and generally improve the performance of the download process when you use BitTorrent. It is a simple and straightforward operation… 3
Gizmo Project Modern messenger

Modern messenger This is an application which comes in handy to aid in handling your phone from your computer. It makes calling easy and faster right from your computer. In addition, it has numerous features which include voice calls, instant… 4